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About UsWhat is BioScikin
The 21st century welcomes an era of explosive innovations in biomedical science. Breakthrough developments in cutting edge technologies such as genome sequencing, cloud based computing and molecular biology have propelled the evolution of medicine faster than ever. It is now the time to understand and treat illnesses at the precision medicine level.

BioSciKin, a biotechnology platform for precision medicine innovation and entrepreneurs was born for the exploration of this new era. Within just 2 years, BioSciKin has accomplished a series of self-evolution, and transformed from a traditional pharmaceutical R&D center into an open and flexible innovation platform. Now, BioSciKin is striving to be a pioneer of precision medicine.

Today, BioSciKin has a strong team for precision medicine research and development. In the U.S., not only did we successfully developed precision medicine products, but also have these medical innovations adopted by the US FDA to revise their clinical trial guidelines.

By leveraging the industrial resources and the technology platform of a major pharmaceutical company in China, and combining the strength of strategic partners including global venture capitals, research institutes, technology companies, and healthcare facilities, we are building solid presences in various sections of precision medicine.

Right at this moment, we are searching for precision medicine start-up companies with most potential and entrepreneurial spirit from all over the globe and offering them our support in the form of investment and incubation platform. Together with Simcere, BioSciKin has participated in 8 prestigious venture capitals globally. By the end of Sept 2016, BioSciKin has invested in 25 bioscience start-ups globally, with total investment exceeding 1.80 biillion RMB, including two of the 50 smartest companies by MIT technology review, and one of the unicorn startups in Europe.

Meanwhile, BioSciKin is expanding its supportive technology platform for precision medicine based upon the resource from State Key Laboratory of Translational Medicine and Innovative Drugs and the capability of its portfolio companies. Besides in-house chemical and biological drug development and preclinical evaluation platform, we seek to bringing in more precision medicine companies to this platform in the areas including but not limited to Genome sequencing, molecular diagnostics, biomarker discovery, stem cell technology, gene therapy, cell therapy, and 3D printing. These companies will further strengthen this ecosystem which currently constitutes of more than 90 life science start-up companies.

Looking into the future, we hope to help more people with precision medicine.

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